I am here to assist and inspire you on their yoga journey. I teach Vinyasa yoga, yin-yang yoga, restorative yoga, meditation and breath awareness/pranayama.

My style emphasizes alignment, flow, movement/breath integration and Buddhist meditation principles.

My classes are dynamic and contemplative. I believe in the importance of safe and logical sequencing. I have the ability to distill complex postures and teach them as accessible building blocks for yogis of all backgrounds.

Below, you can find explanations of what you can learn from me:

What I Offer
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Vinyasa Yoga

The word means ‘to place in a special way’. In a Vinyasa class, we learn to move the body in space with awareness, synchronizing with the breath.

Each pose is transformed into the other through specially designed transitions. Every yoga pose emerges from the wave-like movement of the breath, and the poses merge in elegant sequences, paying attention to moments of stillness, transitions and movement.

While physically gaining strength and flexibility, it aligns our muscles within the skeletal structure and when the physical body begins to be in harmony, prana, life energy, and blood (water element) begin to flow more freely. As you align the physical body, breath deepens, nerves soften, and the sense of balance becomes apparent.

  • Vinyasa Yoga – Basic Level
    In basic level classes, you learn the fundamental alignment principles of all basic poses, proper breathing and mindfulness of breathing. Beginner level classes are mainly about finding legs and learning how legs work in supporting the spine. The lessons include simple vinyasas, repetitions and coordination exercises to help understand vinyasa logic.
  • Vinyasa Yoga – Intermediate Level
    In intermediate level classes, you’ll begin to get acquainted with inversions, arm balances, and jump backs/jump forwards. Intermediate level classes are much more dynamic and prepare you for the advanced level. In intermediate level classes, the functioning of the upper body begins to come to the fore and you begin to learn how the arms work to support the spine.
  • Vinyasa Yoga – Advanced Level
    In advanced level classes, you’ll begin to add on what is learned in Basic and Intermediate classes. Different pose variations, more advanced transitions and deeper pranayama exercises start to be included in the class.

Yin-Yang Yoga

In Ying-Yang classes, a dynamic and safe Yang practice is combined with meditative practice of Yin Yoga. With this strong but at the same time calm practice, the Yin and Yang tissues in the body are strengthened. You get a chance to become aware of and accept the limits of your body and relax.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a practice where the body is supported with props and left for a deeper relaxation in poses for a long time. This practice reduces stress and improves your health. If you feel weak, tired and overwhelmed by the stress of everyday life, or are struggling with stress, menopause, injury, depression, or other difficulties, restorative yoga will offer you the key to self-healing.

Using props to settle into poses makes it possible to relax and release the body and mind. Various props are used to support the body, from blocks to belts, blankets to pillows. Restorative yoga is different from sleep, as it allows the body to regenerate and heal. Restorative yoga balances the body’s responses to stimuli by affecting the parasympathetic nervous system.

Heart rate slows down, blood pressure drops, immune system and endocrine system begin to function properly. As the body opens with the support of the materials, it begins to be cleansed of tensions and stored toxins.

Breath Awareness/Pranayama

  • Breath awareness for all levels:
    Breath awareness classes are suitable for all levels. Classes include exercises to increase breath awareness and breathing capacity, starting with simple warm-ups, sitting / lying down. These classes soothe the nervous system and help relieve possible breathing problems.
  • Introduction to Pranayama techniques:
    In these classes, bandhas and basic pranayama techniques are introduced. Various breath awareness practices and various pranayama techniques within the framework of the determined theme / effect are taught / applied, starting with simple warm-ups, sitting / lying.


Meditation is a method of working with your mind and getting to know your mind. When we begin to know our mind, we have the opportunity to work with our mind in a way that it can function in a way that we like, and we begin to realize that everything we say and all our actions actually begin in the mind. The whole meditation process is about getting familiar with the nature of our mind and all our habits.

  • Meditation 101:
    Proper sitting is 70% of meditation. Meditation 101 classes teach how to find the bost effortless meditation posture, preparatory techniques for shamatha meditation, and an introduction to shamatha meditation. Mindfulness meditation (shamatha) is a method of balancing the mind, creating a power in the mind and achieving clarity. This practice is sometimes described as “taming the mind”. Mindfulness meditation is the basis of all other meditation work. It’sz the gateway for connecting with our hearts.
  • Meditation 102:
    In Meditation 102 classes, the shamatha technique is deepened and Maitri / Metta meditation technique is introduced. The work of Maitri, the work of developing “love-compassion”, is a method of retraining ourselves in the body, in our words and in our minds to establish a more gentle and compassionate relationship with ourselves, our environment, and the world. The main idea of Maitri’s work is to approach the mind with warmth and maternal compassion. Maitri is a method to steer the mind away from the habits of egocentrism, moodiness, and irritability, and instead toward the habits of kindness and compassion in our hearts.