I teach one-to-one, small group, workplace and online yoga classes. I am located in Stoke Newington, but I can travel to your home, workplace or other suitable space provided by you.

We can work 1:1 but you can also book private group classes. It’s great to enjoy a private group class with family and friends completely tailored to your needs. (Maximum of 6 participants)

Since consistency is really important to reap the benefits of practice, I don’t recommend one-off lessons. The length of class can range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. I tailor a class according to your needs with clear verbal instruction, demonstrations and optional hands on adjustments. 


My classes are both energising and relaxing, they are suited for everyone who want to take a moment for themselves and reconnect.

All ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes are welcome! Yoga is for everyone and one of my jobs is to encourage you to discover what works for you.

Private yoga classes are an investment for your personal growth and health. They are a great way to start your yoga practice in a more comfortable environment.


You are a total beginner and wish to have a firm understanding of asana alignment, breathing techniques and yoga theory;

If you are a more experienced practitioner and wish to  deepen their practice, to work on new areas of yoga practice such as pranayama & meditation;

If you wish to create a more personalized schedule to allow for more freedom in your yoga practice; 

If you wish to develop a suitable self-practice plan, with appropriate sequencing and structure.

Services & Offerings

Vinyasa yoga: a flowing style of practice emphasizing breath synchronized movement. Pacing and sequencing can be athletic or gentle depending on the your wishes, but expect to get a little sweaty either way!

Restorative yoga: the yoga of rest, poses are held for up to eight minutes supported fully by the props to promote deep rest and relaxation to calm the nervous system and drop out of the stress response.

Chair yoga/Gentle yoga: yoga practice taught from a chair or completely on the floor. Great for seniors, people with mobility issues, injuries, or absolute beginners.

Meditation: learn the techniques of mindfulness meditation and guided on how to create a daily practice completely integrated into your life. Benefits of meditation include stress relief, improved focus, concentration, emotional resiliency, and strong connection to your heart and mind.

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can book your session right away or fill out the form below for any questions.

I look forward to teaching you!

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